Beautiful hands

Beautiful  hands:

Who wouldn't love a nice smelling all natural Lotion Bar during the harsh winter? Lotion Bars are pretty to give as Gifts and make an excellent moisturizer. Keep it near the sink so that every time you wash your hand you remember to grab some lotion bar to keep them from getting dry and rough.

For this Silky Lotion Bar You will need:

1. 1 oz (30gms) Beeswax
2. 1 oz (30ml) Virgin Coconut Oil
3. 1 oz (30gms) Shea Butter
4. 10-12 drops Lavender/Ylang Ylang or your favorite essential oil
5. 2 vitamin E Gel Caplets

Melt the Butter, Wax and Oil using the Saucepan method. Remove from heat, add essential oil and Vitamin E Gel( you need to pierce the caplet and squeeze the content into the container).

Pour the content into any Muffin Mold, candy or Chocolate Mold or a Candle Mold. You can try using Christmas Tree and Holiday themed Molds.Remove from the mold after a few hours, wrap it and decorate it.

Please feel free to increase the quantity if you are making them in bulk.

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