Care for combination skin

In the morning and in the evening it is recommended to wash the face with gel or foam for washing (for combination or normal skin), rinse foam with cool water. After washing, wipe the face with tonic for combination or normal skin. Facial peels with scrubs should be done 1-2 times a week. While peeling, it is necessary to focus on the T-zone. But the cheeks need to be cleaned very carefully, otherwise they will react with irritation. After this procedure, you mustn't to go out for a few hours. Here is one of the most common ways of preparing scrub. Mince 1 cup of oatmeal or slightly over dried crumb of black bread . After grinding, keep it in a glass or porcelain dish. Add 1 tbsp. of baking soda and salt to the oats or grain mass and mix well. You'll be enough of this mixture for a few months. Then, add 1 tbsp. of sour milk to 1 tbsp. of mixture, mix it well and apply the resulting slurry to a pre-moistened with water face. Gently wipe the skin with light massaging movements. When the paste will be free to move on the skin quickly and thoroughly rinse it with hot water and then rinse with salted cold water. Very good to do steam baths 1-2 times a month, preferably in the evening before bedtime. For combination skin it is best to do steam bath with lemon or cranberry, which has a natural tonic effect and equally well vitaminizes skin in different areas. Ingredients: 0.5 of lemon or 0.5 cups of cranberry , 2 liters of water. Preparation: Chop the lemon or mince with rind, crease the cranberries. Place the lemon or cranberry mass in a bowl and fill it with boiling water. Before using this steam bath lightly grease your skin of eyelids, temples and cheeks with greasy cream. Cover your head with a dense towel, lean over the steam. Duration of procedure 10-15 minutes. After a steam bath the skin gets steamed and softened, that is very beneficial for the subsequent deep cleansing. The best time to do masks and beauty care at home - from 9 am to 11 pm. It is proved that at this time, our skin has the highest potential of absorption caused to it creams. Nutritious carrot mask: Mix grated on a fine grater medium size carrot with 1 beaten egg white and add 2 teaspoons of night cream. Apply to face for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Contrasting compresses are also good for combination skin - alternately hot and cold. In this case, they should be applied to the entire face. Compress of nettle and chamomile decoction : Ingredients: 1 tbsp. of nettle leaves and flowers of pharmacy chamomile , 0.5 liters of water. Preparation: put the nettle and chamomile in a glass or porcelain bowl, fill it with water and heat with the lid closed for 15 minutes in a boiling water bath. Infusion cool and strain. Before compress thoroughly clean skin. Then soak a small towel with hot infusion, gently squeeze it and apply on the face for 3-5 minutes. Cold compress do on the same principle, but time laying on the face is reduced to 20-30 seconds. To nutrition the skin you may use only one cream for the combination skin, but the effect in this case will be less than using two different specialized means. In the evening, on the cheeks, apply a night cream. At the T-shaped area at night have already released a lot of fat. But dry cheeks necessarily need a night cream that they were not rough. The mixed type of skin is usually very dry at the eyelids .Fine wrinkles and "crow's feet" are very quickly formed around the eyes . To somehow slow down their appearance, it is imperative to use moisturizer for the skin of the eyelids. Apply eye cream in light patting movements in the morning and in the evening. Herbal compresses are also very effective. Take 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile, fennel or sage, fill it with half a cup of boiling water and leave it for 10 minutes under the lid. Thereafter, the infusion is filtered and divided into two parts, one of them is allowed to cool and the other is heated. Then put it in turn on the eyelids, first warm, then cold compresses. You should do this simple procedure in a day for month and a half.

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